Affordable open source robotic arms coming with uArm Swift

uArm Swift

Technologies are advancing all across the board and of course robotics is one of the very progressive and advanced development stuff there is. And now with the new uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro you can have your personal robotic assistant or rather a robotic arm at your command at home. So what can such thing do ?

Well such robotic arm can manage tasks like pick&place, 3D printing, laser engraving, drawing, painting and quite many more tasks including coffee stirring or chess playing if you check out the following video. Because it’s an Arduino based open source project it’s ideal for programming and even has the offline learning mode for teaching it stuff with gesture controls. Or control it with mouse & keyboard or uArm Play app, the possibilities are endless.

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There are also quite some extensions like suction cup, metallic gripper or universal holder with support for other Seed Grove practical accessories or OpenMV camera module. uArm Swift is an Arduino-powered desktop 4-axis parallel mechanism robot built from square aluminum alloys making it very light and capable of carrying 500g of payload. uArm Swift uses the normal RC servos while uArm Swift Pro employs stepper motor with customized gearbox and 12bit encoder making it very precise with under 0.2mm repeatability. Both models have USB and Bluetooth 4.0 built-in.

Whole uArm Swift project is in the prototype stage and the company kicked off their Indiegogo campaign to fund it just today and in few hours they already exceeded their first fixed goal. Deliveries of finalized product is expected in May 2017 and to give you an idea of price ballpark we are in the basic one starts off at just $209. Check out the Indiegogo campaign in here for more details about this very interesting tech project.

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