CyanogenMod teases Gello, a customisable browser based on Chromium

If you aren’t aware, an open-source version of Google’s Chrome (browser and OS) is the Chromium project. CyanogenMod happen to be an expert at tweaking open-source software, and it looks as though they’ve set their eyes on Chromium now.

The Cyanogen OS has always been about giving the users control over their device. Gello, the Chromium based browser that CyanogenMod has teased, seems to be built on the same principles. Gello seems like an open-source, customizeable version of Chrome.

As you can see from the teaser image, Gello will allow you to take control over what access rights each website is given. You’ll also have features such as offline reading, night mode and other privacy settings at your disposal, so if you’re one of those power users that read a lot on the net, Gello will help you replace a few of your apps.

Gello won’t work on all phones; it certainly won’t on older phones which aren’t very potent with hardware. Take a look at Gello here:

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