This Video Offers A Close-Up Look At The THL 5000, And Its Massive Battery

Battery technology isn’t the sexiest thing about smartphones. Most of us like to talk about Gigabytes, Gigahertz andĀ screen resolution. Those are the things that make geeks like us all giddy inside. Battery length isn’t something often talked about. While savvy buyers will certainly ask what a phone’s battery capacity is before buying, it remains an afterthought for most buyers.

As phones becomes more powerful and consume more power however, the battery has been getting more and more attention as of late. That being said, it is still surprising to see a phone whose killer feature is its massive battery. Ā The THL 5000, as its name implies, has a tablet like 5,000mAh battery encased in it. For comparison, the 2013 version of the Nexus 7 sports “only” a 3,950mAh battery. THL claims the phone can survive an insanely long “52+ days” in stand-by mode on a single charge.

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The rest of the specs for both the THL 5000 and the THL 4400 have been outed and we posted them previously. In the meantime, check out the close up image above from our sister site and the videos of the THL 5000 below from our friends at

[youtube] [youtube]

Does an Octa-core phone with a massive battery excite you?

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  1. POY
    May 12, 2014

    I’m really looking forward to this phone. Not having to charge every day is awesome

    • Xiaolu
      May 13, 2014

      Now I charge, maximum, every 2 days, usually 3 (Innos D10 with supposedly 6000mAh, probably much less capacity). I see my wife and her every-day-charging and really think there’s no way back to that days. I’ve seen 12h of screen usage šŸ™‚

      • POY
        May 13, 2014

        Thats why I ind of want the 10000mah zerolemon for a note 3

        • Xiaolu
          May 13, 2014

          Wow, now I can understand the trade off thickness-battery life, although that’s pretty massive for me…

        • Airyl
          May 13, 2014

          It does make the Note 3 pretty ugly, sort of like a toy.

  2. Zeca
    May 12, 2014

    Does an Octa-core phone with a massive battery excite you?
    Yes, it does. For serving to have excellent hardware and you can’t use it due to lack of battery?

    • desponent
      May 13, 2014

      Yeah, it’s ironic to see people these days buy high spec phone with nice display only to use the lowest brightness 90% of the time and use every power saving app available just so that their nice phone could last half a day.

  3. Xiaolu
    May 12, 2014

    That would be my phone if launched a year ago. For sure. Until the coming of Ubuntu phones (hopefully the Ubuntu Edge 2 or a good Meizu MX4 powered by Ubuntu).

  4. Brooklyn701
    May 13, 2014

    It’s also exciting because the usual mistakes made by the manufacturers, like lack of dual sim, lack of decent mid to high range specs, is something this phone does right along with a great battery.

    That said even the measurements are awesome. In times where people think they need a 5,5mm thin smart phone, this 8,9mm machine is well worth more and still looks good. The only possible argument I see is that it is too heavy. But that is a question of taste. A lot of people feel that a “heavy” phone gives a better feel and suggests better build quality.

    What would also be nice to know is, looking at the video the batters seems quite small. I remember that with the thl 100s there was a developer video that said, the 2750mah battery (standard was 2300mah) of the phone was a special battery developed with space or aerospace technology to fit more power into the same amount of room. I presume this is an evolution of that development. It would make sense since it fits 5000mah in quite a small space (in comparison).

    If you could get any infos on that, that would be great,

  5. Airyl
    May 13, 2014

    This is looking so good. The only negative seems to be that the battery is not removable and the chrome strip going around it is a little cheap looking, but aside from that it looks golden, like the JiaYu G3 back in the day.

  6. May 13, 2014

    Yes certainly … this phone does excite me. I am looking forward to purchasing it once released.