First “Smash the past” winners receive OnePlus One phones

oneplus one smash the past

The first 100 winners of the “Smash the past” promotion from OnePlus have started to receive their OnePlus One phones with signed thank you letter from Pete Lau.

OnePlus keep going that extra mile with the first 100 winners of the OnePlus One receiving signed thank you notes from Pete Lau himself. A winner in Germany has already posted a photo of his OnePlus One with thank you note which identifies the phone as the 10th winning device and one of the first few OPO phones to make it outside of China!

The rest of you wanting to get your hands on the Snapdragon 801 equipped OPO phone will have to wait to see how the next batch of invitations will be handed out later this month. For more details on how to buy the OnePlus One check out our guide here.

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