Lenovo Thinkpad 10 Now Official

Lenovo’s Thinkpad 8 made a few splashes when it released back in March, but immediately rumors began swirling that Lenovo was working on a followup to last year’s 10 inch model. It turns out those rumors were correct, because Lenovo revealed the Windows 8.1 powered tablet that can pull double duty as a laptop.

The Thinkpad 10 is, as you would expect, a 10 inch tablet. This time around it packs in a high resolution IPS 1920 x 1200 screen, upto 4GB of RAM, and Intel’s Atom “Bay Trail” CPU. It also has 128GB of internal storage and comes packed with a digitizer pen.

Which all means the Thinkpad 10 is packing quite a punch for a tablet, nearly matching entry-level laptops. What makes the Thinkpad 10 special however, is its attachable keyboard that allows the device to act (and fold) just like a laptop.

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It is one of the few things most users agree that Windows 8.1 can do well. While the maligned OS has been extremely unpopular since its release, most of that disdain comes from non-touchscreen users. As an OS for a tablet/laptop combo, Windows 8.1 actually makes sense.

It won’t come cheap however, the tablet itself already costs a fairly steep (but cheaper than last year’s model) $599, and the attachable keyboard will cost an additional $129.

If it is worth plunking down that kind of cash to you, the Thinkpad 10, and its keyboard accessory will be available in June.

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  1. The Chosen One
    May 15, 2014

    I’m still liking the Dual Boot Ramos i10 Pro.

    I think that’s going to be my next purchase!