Update: Courier to blame? OnePlus One Smash the Past contestant receives an empty box

Update: The fan who uploaded the video has now made it private so cannot be viewed. The reason being he belives that the phone was stolen by a postal employee (as we suggested it might earlier). 

100 fans of the OnePlus One and contestants from the “Smash the Past” promotion should be receiving their phones very soon, but one unfortunate got nothing more than an empty box!

The excitement of receiving a new phone is one thing, but to be one of the first 100 people on earth to get a OnePlus One must be something else! Naturally those receiving the OnePlus One have been posting unboxing videos on YouTube to show their excitement, but one unboxing went horribly wrong!

YouTube user Madz posted his unboxing of the 2014 flagship kill only to be surprised by the lack of phone in the box! Inside the packaging was a signed thank you note from OnePlus but the OnePlus One phone was missing.

It seems highly unlikely that OnePlus could have missed placing the phone in the box as the note is in their, which might suggest that a savvy postal worker spotted the box for what it was and took the OPO for themselves! What ever the reason may be, we hope Madz eventually gets his phone.

[ GizChina.it ]
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