Oppo rumoured to be working on two new N1 successors

Oppo launched the camera centric Oppo N1 with rotating camera in September, and seems to have sold enough for the company to ready not one up two successors.

We have already heard tell of a Oppo N1 mini phone which will bring rotating cameras and other N1 features to a smaller 5-inch device. Apparently the Oppo N1 Mini will run an octacore chipset which leads us to believe that it will be a Mediatek Mt6595 powered phone aimed at China and other Asian countries.

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The Oppo N2 will be the phone which really takes over from where the N1 left off. Details of this device are very sketchy, but we our Spider sense has us believe we are going to see the same size display as the N1 but a much more compact body. More importantly we hope to see an improvement with the camera quality of the N1 so it can match competition from the Find 7, Vivo Xshot, OnePlus One and Gionee.

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  1. May 14, 2014

    Ironically, “photo-centric” devices have a compelling reason to have a 2k or even 4k display, yet offerings from Vivo (the Xshot) and Samsung (Galaxy camera) both have LOWER resolution screens than their flagship phones. Let’s hope that Oppo doesn’t make the same mistake, and at least uses the same screen that’s in the Find 7.

    My main question is whether the Oppo N2 will be a Cyanogen OS phone or not?