CyanogenMod 11S Gets Ported To Oppo Find 7a, Now How Will We Tell Them Apart?

cyanogenmod find7

When the OnePlus One was revealed to much fanfare (and leaked the just before) people immediately began mocking it for its more than passing resemblance to Oppo’s Find 7a.  When it was revealed that Oppo mobile’s parent company (also called Oppo) was a heavy investor in OnePlus, and that the OnePlus, was made in the same facility as the Oppo Find 7a and shares many of the same components, those accusations only increased.

But there are a few key differences between the phone, most notably is its increase in RAM, differences in SIM card/SD card options, storage space and its slight mod on CyanogenMod 11, aptly named CyanogenMod 11S.

Now, members of the CyanogenMod community have ported CyanogenMod 11S to the Oppo Find 7a, eliminating one of the few key differences between the two phones. Of course, the Find 7a ships with Oppo’s ColorOS and the OnePlus One ships with CyanogenMod 11S already installed, and there are the other differences I mentioned. Still, this allows Find 7a owners to make their device look even more like a OnePlus One if they so choose and this development will likely only increase the number of people making the comparison.

[Note: The above picture is of an Oppo Find 7, not Find 7a]
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