Budget Version Of HONPhone H1, The H01 Revealed

The Changhong HONPhone H1 might not be a household name but it packs some decent enough specs, and if you can get past the unusual back design, it isn’t a bad looking phone.

But like so many of companies these days, HONPhone is bringing a cheaper version of its flagship phone to the masses. It can’t be called a “mini” like so many other mid-core versions of flagship phones these days, the phone is actually slightly bigger than the H1, and the changes are mostly cosmetic rather than internal.

So where did Changhong cut corners to get the price down from ¥2500 ($400, €294) to a (special online price of) ¥1800 ($288, €212)

The new version keeps its unibody design but ditches the expensive metal build for a more affordable plastic one.  The phone also sees a downgrade in the camera department, dropping from a 8 megapixel shooter to a 5 megapixel main camera and ditches the H1’s WCDMA support (It supports TD-SCDMA and GSM dual SIM).

Other than that, it is practically the same phone. Same 1.7 Ghz octa core CPU, same 5.5 inch 1080p screen, 2GB of RAM, 3,200mAh battery and 32GB of internal storage. Like the H1, it also ships with Android 4.2, a special battery saving mode and comes with a 7,000mAh external battery pack.

What do you think of Changhong’s mid-level priced phone?

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