$5 Allwinner A33 chipsets to power low-cost Android tablets later this year

The octa-core Allwinner A80T was recently in the news after it managed to propel the Onda V989 to over 48,000 AnTuTu points. Now, we’ve learnt about a much cheaper SoC that should be available later this summer.

The Allwinner A33, an upgraded and pin compatible version of the A23, is coming to power your dirt cheap Android tablet. With 4x Cortex A7 cores, the Allwinner A33 will make tablets more affordable than ever thanks to a $4.99 price tag it’ll have with it. Keeping in mind the lower costs of Chinese manufacture, this $5 chipset should allow OEMs in China to efficiently produce $50 tablets. Not that it hasn’t been attempted before (read: Aakash tablet), but we always hope to see a bit extra when it comes to tech from China.

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Along with the aforementioned quad-core CPU, the Allwinner A33 packs a Mali-400 MP2 GPU to take care of the graphics, which enables the chipset to support displays up to 1280 x 800 pixels.

As Brad Linder of liliputing suggests, the estimated $40-$50 cost/tablet would likely be the production cost, but tablet prices are pegged to go down anyway.

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  1. lol
    June 28, 2014

    still using mali 400… why not use at least mali T-604. this low end gpu already release in 2012 but still chinese more prefer mali 400 which consume more battery and low resolution