Breaking: Zopo ZP320 4G LTE Specifications

zopo zp320 lte specs

Zopo have just shared with us exclusive details of an all new model with LTE.

It’s a race between Chinese phone makers as to who will launch the first Mediatek phone with LTE support. The front runners are Lenovo, VK and now Zopo with the new Zopo ZP320.

The Zopo ZP320 (pictured next to a phone that looks like the Oppo Find 7) will be the first LTE Zopo phone on sale with a suggest European launch of next week.

Zopo have gone for the MT6582M processor with LTE modem to offer support for 4G LTE (bands unknown), 3G WCDMA and 2G GSM. There is also space for dual SIM cards and room for a micro SD card.

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zopo zp320 lte specs

The 5-inch 960 x 540 display is a giveaway that the Zopo ZP320 will be a low-cost phone as is 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 2 mega-pixel front camera and 8 mega-pixel rear, all running through Android 4.4 Kitkat.

So those are the official details of Zopo’s first LTE phone, what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. pa5t1s
    June 24, 2014

    the 5.5″ pictured phone at left looks fine (Oppo’s style I mean). Which model is it?

  2. Batman
    June 24, 2014

    I think they could have put in a 5MP front camera and at least a 1280×720 screen.

  3. June 24, 2014

    The truth that I was eager to have this terminal.
    It is one of the phones that the market is expecting more.
    In movilchinodualsim hope to have it soon.

  4. a
    June 24, 2014

    zopo are to be avoided, their zp998 was a disaster, plagued with problems that have still Mt been fixed. inverted gyroscope, terrible audio output, very quiet microphone to name a few. I had a look on the zopo forums and everyone has been complaining but zopo have been ignoring them.

    • The Chosen One
      June 24, 2014

      You cannot sign off a brand based on the experiences of a few! I read and reviewed at least three different forums and noticed that the same people that had issues posted over and over and created their own individual threads.

      So having owned a ZP 900 that stood up to my beating I took the gamble at two ZP 998 modules one for me and one for the wife.

      To date we haven’t had any of the reported issues. Sure the black screen feature doesn’t work but there hasn’t been any reportable issue on our end.

      We’re in the U.S. and got our units on April 3rd and out of the box we got an OTA Update dated 3/29.

      We recently got another dated 6/18 which has improved the daily battery life!

      Maybe I’m lucky or maybe its my rule that pays dividends.

      I never buy the 1st production run of any electronic item.

      Instead I purchase 3-4mths after its been in the market place.

      I now humbly await their OTA KitKat update and if their 1st 64bit 4G LTE Octa Core unit is well put together then I’ll be upgrading to that at the years end or by Q1 2015.

      • a
        June 25, 2014

        But those issues are not just on a few devices, they are on all the zp998s. Depending on how some people use the phone they will never encounter these issues.

        • The Chosen One
          June 25, 2014

          Again you cannot say that the issues are on all the zp998s. You have not, neither can you, contact every single owner in every single country and verify that claim. It is also impossible to state that of all zp998s produced only my two units are fine. Let’s be rational and sensible.

          On Zopo’s own forum there are at least 100-200 posts with genuine issues and of that number two thirds are repeat posts by the same person/s opening up multible threads.

          For a second though, let’s do some rough math. Supposing that the 100-200 people posting were all individuals and you produced 200,000 units then that’s less than 1% of flawed units.

          That’s way better than what apple experienced a couple years back when one in every four I phones had a major antenna issue.

          Every weekend my GPS is in use at some point in every week I’m on Skype, Hangouts, doing short video clips, pics etc. and I’m happy to say I have not encountered any of the issues reported.

          Consider this, no manufacturer is going to make just 200,000 units. Its going to be a greater number, as they must have stock plus all the resellers as well. If every unit was faulty, the forums wouldn’t have room for repeat posts and resellers would have no choice but to drop the brand. That’s business 101. Anytime a simbiotic relationship such as manufacturer and reseller goes bad because a product is bad then its pulled and never restocked. That hasn’t happened with the zp998’s.

          At some point everyone is going to make a call to someone, after all it is a phone. So there’s your mic issue test. Someone is going to record something, there’s your video audio test. All I’m saying is this, if all the units are fundamentally flawed there would be more of an uproar and Zopo would have no choice but to pull the phone and do a recall. Again that’s business 101 in the chapter about survival

          But they’re still being restocked because they’re still selling which means that the number of good experiences with the zp998’s outnumber the bad. Period!

          • Zoponomore
            June 25, 2014

            You are a fool, and you are proud of it don´t you?

            Apple reacts to failures, and offers SOLUTIONS.

            Zopo are a bunch of scammers, they don´t even build their phones (like Apple too) and don´t care a shit about any technical problem as they don´t have a clue about that.

            What part you don´t get that they DO NOT COMPLY WITH THEIR OWN WARRANTY CLAUSULES?

            You fkcing retarded twat…

      • nomorezopos
        June 25, 2014

        Let´s turn upside down your question.

        Name just a single Zopo smartphone owner which is happy with the way that brand offered support when it was needed.

        My experience with a C2 is that they don´t CARE A SHIT ABOUT COSTUMERS.

        You get it?