Alleged Xiaomi Mi4 screen compared to Mi3

xiaomi mi4 leaked

We are getting closer to the next generation Xiaomi phone, so it is no surprise that alleged leaks of the Xiaomi Mi4 have been posted online.

Before we go in to the details, I am a little dubious about this ‘leak’. At the time of writing this Xiaomi have been very very careful with their flagships and many of the previous leaks for the Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi3 were later discovered to be fake.

So now that we have our pinch of salt ready lets take a look at leak. According to sources the Xiaomi Mi4 will have a 5-inch display, the same as the Mi3, but with a narrower border. Sources also say the Xiaomi Mi4 will have a one piece metal design, a unannounced quad-core processor, 16 mega-pixel main camera and 4G LTE.

Reports also claim that MIUI will be significantly updated to improve the camera app, samples of which can be seen in an early post from yesterday.

[ Weibo ]
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