Chinese modder claims to have MIUI running on the OnePlus One

oneplus miui

The OnePlus One might ship with ColorOS in China, but fans were promised options at the launch including MIUI. A video released today claims that MIUI has been ported to the phone but we remain unconvinced.

For those of us who attended the OnePlus Chinese launch we were surprised to see that ROM options would be offered for the phone. ColorOs as standard, CM11s for download and even MIUI was mentioned.

Cyanogen have already done a great job of release CM11s, but MIUI hasn’t been spotted until today.

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A Chinese modder claims to have ported the Xiaomi ROM over to the OnePlus One with most of the major features working with no issue. The video (which can only be viewed with a Chinese IP) shows MIUI running on the OnePlus One, but to us it looks more like a launcher than the full ROM.

The camera app for example isn’t the standard MIUI camera application, leading us to believe that the video is nothing more than the OnePlus One running MIUI Express.

Would you like to see MIUI launched on the OPO? And what about other ROMS including Flyme and Emotion UI?

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  1. JAYdubbleT
    July 3, 2014

    “The video (which can only be viewed with a Chinese IP)” – You were saying..?

    and I’m from EU.

    • kahuna
      July 13, 2014

      I confirm the video is available also outside China (I’m watching it from Italy)…

      I just ordered the OnePlus One 64GB, and I’d love having MIUI on it!

  2. Fred
    July 3, 2014

    Do not trust when OnePlus makes promises for ROMs.

    History proves that their promises/claims were bullcrap

    Fact 1. Mystery technology for fast charging
    Fact 2. FM radio
    Fact 3. The phone size compared to the Sony Xperia
    Fact 4. Contest bungling on the forums
    Fact 5. Delivery timelines

    I don’t intend to find fault, but I am someone who started as an ardent supported and got cheated with all the items above. Well, these folks are nothing less than history sheeters.

    They have not actually done anything path-breaking in taking the OPPO Find 7 and scaling it down! Their only advantage seems to be the price, which is soon to diminish with Xiaomi and other companies ready to kick OnePlus’s ass! And I’m looking forward to it eagerly.