Lei Jun: Xiaomi is ready to challenge the Apple iPad

Xiaomi is known for affordable high quality phones with a great operating system and good performance. Xiaomi started as a custom ROM developer (MIUI), and within only four years they managed to become China’s most successful phone maker. Nowadays they are even managing to beat Apple in China in terms of sales helped by the Redmi, Mi3, and the recently released Mi Pad.

With regards to this Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, recently told reporters that Xiaomi were ready to challenge the iPad. According to him, it is not hard to create a good Android based tablet PC. The hard task however are getting apps and games optimized for tablets. This is still something Android is very bad in and Apple definitely is a market leader, at least for now.

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This is where Lei Jun is seeing a big chance for Xiaomi. They have everything ready to solve the issue with their own app store “Xiaomi Market”, their own ROM and hardware. Xiaomi still has a long way to go, but with their infrastructure and proven growth, Xiaomi could finally be the ones to knock the iPad from the top spot.

Still China is just one market and fans around the world are excited to know when the Mi Pad and other products will be available outside of China, but at the time of writing there is no launch date.

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  1. Honzys1983
    July 4, 2014

    Add at least 3g support pls.. You’ll have another customer 🙂