New Oppo teaser on Twitter claims “best audio quality”

Yesterday Oppo published a new teaser on their Twitter account. The image shows a wooden-style box along with the announcement “best audio quality”. Now what does this mean? Rumors are going on that it might be a new phone with some special hi-fi features, similar to some Vivo phones. This certainly would be nice and would make use of the new MAXX-Audio feature they are touting. But the Oppo Find 7 is already offering quite an amazing audio quality, so will they really launch a new phone?

Well, probably not. We rather believe that Oppo will launch a new model of their PM-1 high-end headphones or some limited edition model of the same product. The PM-1 headphones have actually been around for quite a while and are based on something called “planar magnetic technology” allowing them to generate the sound through a thin diaphragm, more details here. “Best Audio Quality” won’t come cheap though as the PM-1 are sold at $1,099 a pair!

So well, lets just wait and see what it will be. Oppo is supposed to release more information within this day.

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