Huawei D3 could be the world’s first flagship clone!

huawei d3 max clone

When we think of knock-off phones and clones, we tend to think of smaller phone makers thirsty to make a quick profit. What we don’t generally see is a flagship smartphone from a company the size of Huawei!

Huawei’s stellar year is about to either go intergalactic or take a terrible nose dive! This past year we have seen amazing devices from Huawei including the Honor 3C and 3X and the Huawei Ascend P7. They have turned themselves from being a stuffy, boring brand, to a company we can actually get excited about!

And now they are making a clone!

If these leaked photos are to be believed, the next Huawei flagship phone (possibly the Huawei D3) is going to be a near 1:1 replica of the HTC One Max! The similarities between the two devices aren’t remotely funny!

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htc one max

Huawei have gone for a very simple HTC front (HTC bar could be included), with a rear that differentiates itself by having square holes for the camera, LED flash and fingerprint scanner rather than round ones.

Construction is similar to the HTC One Max too, being an all alloy body, and we assume sealed in battery.

For Huawei to launch something designed like this really hits us a major miscalculation for the smartphone giant.

What do you think of these leaked photos? Should Huawei’s next flagship really be a knock off HTC?

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  1. Faux-News
    July 6, 2014

    Its fake and photoshop’d over HTC max. Huawei never leaks such clear images this early. The leaks come out 7 to 10 days before the official release.

  2. Zami
    July 6, 2014

    This photo first came out in February-March .
    We also saw a lot of leak photos of Honor 6 , but the real product look way different .
    Maybe it’s not a fake one . It can be a primary design of a product . big companies use to make a lot of primary design.
    Let’s just wait and see what really comes out …..

  3. Josef Gluch
    July 6, 2014

    Huawei p1 was a clone of sgs2 😉

    • Hellvetta
      July 7, 2014

      Huawei Ascend P1 was a really flagship for these times. And never be similar to SGS2 by design. What you talking about, man? I still use P1 and it has brilliant proportions, that ugly freak SGS2 never have. Especially with it’s bricky button on a face 🙂

  4. pink
    July 6, 2014

    I still think there’s a niche for rip off htc one m7s and m8s, they were really popular when they came out but had rubbish specs (real m7 and m7 and m8 clones). If someone made a super clone of the m7with 2ghz cpu 2gb ram decent cameras and a 3000mah battery and a 1.1 of the m8 instead of the current mark low end clones they’d sell out within a week or 2

  5. Xhitiz Pandit
    July 6, 2014

    Going from the back of the phone it will be great, since HTC was humongous and tard heavy giant. With bend in the middle (vertically )and OGS thin bezels and 5.5 screen the phone will have its own identity.As far as I think there will be a mono speaker grill at the back and if the screen size is around 5’ then HTC one have a worthy contender.