Mediatek roadmap shows 3 new 64bit SoCs for Chinese phones

Mediatek roadmap shows 3 new 64bit SoCs for Chinese phones

mediatek roadmap

A leaked roadmap from Taiwanese SoC maker Mediatek, has outlined plans to launch 3 64bit processors, to cover phones of all prices.

What we can expect to see from Mediatek in the coming months is something rather interesting. First up we will have the official launch of the octacore MT6595 chipset. This will be the first Mediatek processor to natively support 4G LTE, the first with bit.LITTLe architecture and one that could really cause a few issues for Qualcomm.

If we look a little further down the line though we can see that Mediatek’s plans don’t stop there and they have in fact got 3 x 64 Bit up their sleeves.

Starting at the end of Q3 this year, Mediatek will launch the quad-core MT6732 SoC and octacore MT6572. Both of these chips will be 64Bit and will cover devices ranging from affordable to mid-range LTE phones. Basic specs are also revelled and show the quad-core MT6732 to have a clock speed of 1.5Ghz, and capable of handling 13 mega-pixel cameras and LTE. The octacore MT6752 will be for mid-range devices with a higher 1.7Ghz speed and 16 megapixel support.

If these two 64Bit chips look too tame for you then the big daddy MT6795 will launch towards the end of Q4. This beast will run at 2.0Ghz, will handle 20 mega-pixel cameras, WQVGA (2560 x 1600) displays and LTE.

Each of the chips will have been designed so that they can be run on phones based on the MT6582, or MT6595. So a phone running on the MT6582 now will likely see an MT6732 or MT6572 update in the near future.

Apparently performance of the 64 Bit, octacore MT6795 will be higher than the Snapdragon 810! This we cannot wait to see!

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  • balance is key

    and these “beasts” will run on our ancient li-on 2000 mAh batteries. good luck with that hype machine. LOL.

    • Airyl

      The JiaYu G4S has a 3000mAh battery. The ThL 5000 has a 5000mAh battery. The UMi X3 has a 3050mAh battery. The Redmi Note has a 3100mAh battery. The Kingzone K1 has a 3000mAh battery. The ThL T100 has a 2700mAh battery. Bottom line is that you just couldn’t find anything and decided to be negative about it.

      • Dont mind the anti mediatek dude. I wonder what he is doing here in the first place.

        Maybe he is a Qualcomm fanboy.

      • Rob

        The k1 has a 2500mAh battery 😉

    • Manos

      What do you think of the THL 5000 and 4400? New technology for the battery the others will follow.

    • maroon1

      These are not beasts. Cortex A53 is low-end CPU and it won’t consume a lot of power.

      ANd none of these are going be used by high-end smartphones because they are slow, and can’t match high-end ARM soc like snapdragon 801

  • Rob

    Hi Andi, I think you will find the 6795 runs at 2.2ghz and not 2ghz! I can’t wait for this either.

    • xial

      My way: 6595/6752/6795 lte tablet, 6732 phone with lte, NFC, and wireless charging.

      • Evgenij Nebotov

        i think i’ll take a 6592 and try to wait

        for that 6795 next 🙂

    • maroon1

      So you think CPU must be fast if it has high GHz ?

      A lot of clueless people here.

      • Rob

        You are obviously one of the clueless ones. I was merely pointing out Andi’s typo. This is supposed to be faster than the 810, so if your saying that’s slow you really have no idea on the subject and shouldn’t be commenting.

  • realjjj

    Safe to assume the MT6795 will use 4xA57 but it better be on 20nm not 28nm.

  • maroon1

    Cortex A53 is a low-end CPU. It is surprising how clueless people read 64-bit and octa-core and they say oh my god !!

    Mediateck previously made 8 octa core based on cortex A7 and clueless people assumed that this was powerful CPU

    Anandtech review for HTC one mini 2 showed that quad core A7 is slower than dual core krait cores.

    Cortex A53 is successor to A7, while it might be faster, it is not something to be exited about. It will be used by budget phones.