Kingzone N3 in the works, comes with LTE and fingerprint reader

You have probably heard of the Kingzone K1, as it has become extremely popular during the past few months. Besides a nice metal body it features a 8-core MT6592 CPU, a 5.5-inch screen and support for NFC, OTG and even wireless charging.

But of course the competitors are not sleeping and currently we see that LTE phones from China are on the rise. Kingzone of course have to hit back and are now working on the Kingzone N3. Not much is known about it for now, except the fact that it will be a high-end design again, similar to the Kingzone K1, but still with quite some changes. We also know that the Kingzone N3 is supposed to support 4G LTE and will feature a fingerprint reader.

Even though we don’t know anything about the remaining specs so far, this info is enough to get us excited. Lets hope that Kingzone will use the new MT6595 inside the N3, which will be released to manufacturers on July 15th. If they manage to keep the price tag as low as the one of the K1 again, they are all set for another success.


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