Sky blue Vivo Xshot now on sale in China!

blue vivo xshot

If you have been waiting this year for the true flagship phone to arrive then the Vivo Xshot is the closest thing to it (in my opinion) and it looks even better now the holographic blue model is availble!

The Vivo Xshot continues to blow me away each time I take it out (so basically it blows me away on a daily basis), sure the phone isn’t without it’s issues, easily fixable, but on a whole I didn’t think there was much Vivo could do to make it better than it already is.

How wrong was I! Although I love the white Vivo Xshot, the new holographic blue verson of the phone is so much better looking! Yes, it has the same 1080FHD display, 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 801 processor, and 13 mega-pixel rear sensor with image stabilization and F1.8 aperture, but just look at it!

vivo xshot blue launch

I am currently half way through writing up the full Vivo Xshot review now, suffice to say that this is possibly the best phone I have used all year, and if you can afford it I highly recommend getting one.

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