Another Xiaomi Mi4 leak, could this finally be it?

xiaomi mi4 leaked

We have seen our fair share of of Xiaomi Mi4 leaks over the weeks, but so far this is the only one which might show us something close to the actual device.

Tomorrow Xiaomi will hold a launch show where it is believed that the Xiaomi Mi4 will be announced. Insiders have been trying to get a look at the new phone ahead of the launch, but so far all we have see are a bunch of unconvincing leaks, but could this be different.

From what we know from following Xiaomi’s teasers, the new Xiaomi will have the build of an Apple product, and that is certainly what is represented here in these purported leaked images.

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We can see that the two Mi4’s are shown one in black and the other white, both featuring a design that is highly influenced from Apple’s iPhone 5S phone. This would mean a metal mid section, and possibly glass both front and rear. This has been a style that many Chinese phone makers have been following this year, Oppo with the R1, Gionee with the S5.5 and even iOcean with the X8.

The Xiaomi Mi4 is thought to be powered by a Snapdragon processor, have 3GB RAM and feature updated camera hardware and MIUI V6. We will find out tomorrow if these leaks are accurate.

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  1. Peter Schmidt
    July 21, 2014

    come on, Mi3 is a Nokia Lumia clone and Mi4 will be an iPhone clone. Come on Xiaomi, don’t you have some great designers in your company or have you got some designers from Goophone or Star ? which are copying all the time Samsung and Apple.

    • Airyl
      July 21, 2014

      The Mi3 is not a clone of any Lumia phone, it’s just similar looking because of the minimalistic and solid plastic approach which Lumia phones are well known for. Side by side, the Mi3 does not resemble any Lumia phone that much. The Mi4’s design has yet to be unveiled, so I’d say we wait for tomorrow before coming to any conclusions.

      • Sere83
        July 21, 2014

        The mi3 isn’t, but the mipad is a straight iClone on both software and hardware no arguing with that, quite sad to see such blatant plagiarism from a great company like xiaomi. if this render is real that looks like a 5s clone too. Funnily enough apple are moving away from this style on the new iphones and reverting to the rounded corning of the original iphones

    • Sere83
      July 21, 2014

      Yeah i’m finding their recent business strategy very confusing. They seem to have suddenly gone full iClone in both software and hardware. You would have thought given the companies great success they would have done something a bit more interesting instead of reverting to clone manufacturer tactis.

  2. rajnish kumar
    July 21, 2014

    YA it seems this could be the final and real one.

  3. lopit
    July 21, 2014

    you need separate your flagship from the rest. you are banking on emerging markets for success… dual sim that shit up, hugo!