Update: Xiaomi Mi3 vs. OnePlus One: Benchmarks plus Mi3 Giveaway Details!

Update: As many of you pointed out the Mi3 wasn’t set to its optimum performance setting. We have ran the tests again and we are getting closer to what we all expected the Mi3 to be scoring.

So the tech community is going gaga over the OnePlus One, and everyone wants One (pun intended). Most fail to look around to find other devices that are as effective; in their defence, we admit that the OnePlus One has a killer specs set, and the phone’s not too bad as well.

However, with time, some of 2013’s finest flagships have become more affordable than ever, one among which is the Xiaomi Mi3. The device retails for under $250 in launch countries, which translates to some dangerously high value for money. The phrase ‘if it seems to good to be true, then it actually is’ doesn’t apply here, since this is first-party insight speaking.

To cut to the chase, here’s what we’re gonna do: compare the Xiaomi Mi3 to the OnePlus One (and other flagships) with regards to the parameters such as benchmarks, camera, and perhaps even battery. This will really give you a clear idea as to how good or bad the Mi3 is in comparison to 2014 flagships, keeping into consideration which, you can decide on your next phone.

Xiaomi Mi3 vs. OnePlus One benchmarks

  • AnTuTu
    Xiaomi Mi3: 28,653  33,682   OnePlus One: 37,151
  • AnTuTu X
    Xiaomi Mi3: 28,693  31,461   OnePlus One: 36,237
  • Quadrant Standard
    Xiaomi Mi3: 15,408 18,140    OnePlus One: 24,019
  • Velammo (Multicore)
    Xiaomi Mi3: 1,522  1525      OnePlus One: 1,888
  • Velammo (Metal)
    Xiaomi Mi3: 1,257  1331      OnePlus One: 1,602
  • Velammo (Browser)
    Xiaomi Mi3: 1,860  2049      OnePlus One: 2,780
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Xiaomi Mi3 screenshots

OnePlus One screenshots

Is it a massive difference in the benchmarks? No.

It a considerable difference? Yes.

Will it make a difference in everyday usability? Perhaps.

Is it worth the trouble getting the OnePlus One shipped, if I’m not a resident of one of the launch countries? In our opinion, no.

Do let us know what you make of this, and which one of the two you’d rather go for!

Also, just to remind our India readers: to celebrate the Xiaomi Mi3 launch in India, we’ll be doing a giveaway of the phone (Xiaomi Mi3) in the coming week. To give yourself a chance, be sure to:

More on the giveaway coming soon!

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