Removing the rear of the Xiaomi Mi4 is super easy!

xiaomi mi4 rear removal

If you have a OnePlus One, you might be struggling to remove the rear of the phone, but Xiaomi Mi4 buyers will have an relatively easy time switching their style swap covers.

At the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4, the company also revealed that they would offer various cover options to customise the device. The idea is similar to the Style Swap covers on the OnePlus One, and also what we saw on Moto devices too. But while the rear of the OnePlus One is quite difficult to remove (not necessarily a complaint), the rear of the Xiaomi Mi4 is pretty simple as long as you have the right tool.

Once Xiaomi starts to ship the Mi4 and the various cover options all you will need is a small suction cup with ring pull to pop the rear of the Mi4 off. The removal method is ingenious in its simplisity and is strong enough to disengage all 15 clips holding the back on.

xiaomi mi4 launch xiaomi mi4 launch xiaomi mi4 launch xiaomi mi4 launch

Xiaomi showed a huge array of cover options at the Mi4 launch this week. Designs ranged from wooden covers, to marble and even included denim look options. It is not clear if these designs will feature the actual material or will just be designed to look like other materials.

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