Elephone P2000: Bad luck or bad components quality?

Elephone P2000: Bad luck or bad components quality?


Update: The problem has been solved after flashing an updated firmware.

A few days ago I completed a review of the Elephone P2000 and mostly it was working pretty well. Unfortunately, I have to report today that the phone has partially “died”. It was left unused over the weekend, as I received other devices to play with. Today I have booted it up again and was surprised to see it prompting me with the alternative password instead of showing me the fingerprint unlock screen.

Entering the password got me in to the phone, but then things took a turn for the strange. Suddenly, messages started popping up that the phone was running out of memory. I checked that and to my surprise the memory was full. I removed some apps, but that did not help. This is especially strange as I had around 4GB of memory free when I shut it down before the weekend.

Next I went back to check the fingerprint reader settings. Everything was set up properly. I have tried to remove the previous settings and add them again but this unfortunately, did not work. The fingerprint reader does not recognize anything any longer. Even a re-flash of the firmware has not helped at all. So it appears to be a hardware related issue.

Of course I have no idea if this is just bad luck or if all Elephone P2000 models just have the same quality issues. Are you an Elephone P2000 owner? Have you had similar problems? Let us know!

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  • Adriano Ladislau

    I saw your review of this phone on Yesterday and just bought one. It’s the world’s justice kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Filipe Carvalho

    I want to buy one to a friend, so wait more feedback 🙂

  • ColonelZap

    Mine is working just fine 🙂

    • Good to hear that Dirk. Still did not get mine back alive. Just the memory is working again after formatting the phone in SP Flash Tool.

  • Jason

    Dident some Elephone phones came with the Trojan virus ?.

  • Sofia Wright

    It is just fine. but color is very ugly. you have also get details about iPhone6 with price.

  • nietjason

    Elephone is just a horrible company
    I have a p6 and it sucks
    No customer service whatsoever to help me.
    Never buying from them again….

  • bubby

    I have the Elephant P8 which is a great phone but the 4.4.2 update is riddled with bugs.
    Seems Elephones idea of customer care is to open a forum and let purchasers of their phones try and sort out problems between them.
    Not a particularly good look for any company , I’m left with the image of Elephones engineers being made up of a band of hackers and spirited amateurs.
    As much as I like the phone , I just can’t see me buying their products in the future.

  • Dean Evan

    The fingerprint works well on mine. The internal storage was small, but I resized it. There is a thread about resizing p2000 storage on their forum. Pretty helpful:)

    • PhillyB

      can you post a link please…. this is doing my head in.

  • jimgordon

    Like nietjason, I too had problems with the Elephone P6. The main problem being it’s non-standard earphone socket which meant that the only earphones that fitted it were the poor ones that came with it! Several messages to Elephone about this went unanswered . Others have had problems with their other phones. They are only interested in selling you new handsets. They have no customer service. While they continue to produce what seems to be attractive and cheap phones, I definitely would avoid them.

  • Mebay M

    This company have same hardware for all phones, just change the design.
    i have a mlais note pro similar disign and good phone

  • Evi Hassapides Watson

    I received my Elephone in the mail yesterday and it all worked fine except… THE PHONE function. The screen goes blank during calls and you can’t control duration or anything else for that matter. But one thing I noticed is that one side of the casing was open, therefore someone has to have been tampering with it. This is the second faulty device I have received from Minideal.net and I seriously think they are terrible at their jobs especially since I specifically asked them to test the phone before sending it.
    If anyone has encountered the same problem and has worked around it, please let me know as I would have to send the phone back for a second time and wait for another two months to get a refund from Minideal.net

  • Justin Xin

    Was the device in any case left in an extremely hot or cold temperature? My touchscreen borked up when the device was warm, and when it’s very cold the home button starts acting up (very cold being 26 degrees Celcius)

  • Scorpion Dailey

    Maybe the app “Clean Master” would help with the memory?

  • Emilie

    Hey ! I have a problem with my p2000… I have icones of apps that are twice or three times…anyone had this ? Like the ”,avigation” app double itself..and same for many others app…deleting them doesnt change anything..still happens again..(sorry for my english i m french). Thank you

    • Mohamed

      Try download Nova ROM it worka forma me

    • michael

      Yes I have that too mine even multiply to 6-7

  • lol

    i buy elephone P8 and it sucks… speaker doesnt work and when i have it in my pocket lcd just crush… wtf.. never again… i agree with nietjason

  • michael

    Although elephones are good phones I’d say a lot of have different issued , mayne copy’s one app multiple times which creates around 10 pages at homescreen and get annoying and also my sound when I have it under 3-4 marks (clicks) it doesn’t give out sound I have to do it louder overeise sound doesn’t come out

  • michael

    I still love the phone its really good but just not all of them are perfect , when you think about it the elephone p7000 is about to be released and I only bought my p2000 in November and it’s made a lot of phones and maybe were they rushed ?

  • Miftahu Abdulraheem

    Help! My people can’t hear me clearly on elephone p2000 by me I can hear them. Please what can I do?

  • Miftahu Abdulraheem


  • Miftahu Abdulraheem

    Help! My people can’t hear me clearly on elephone p2000 by me I can hear them. Please what can I do?

  • moshiachnow

    I bought one due to the reviews, and because it was supposed to have 2 gigs of RAM. However it only lets me have maybe 25% of the number of apps I had on my previous phone (a Xiaomi, with 1 gig of RAM). You mentioned that the problem was solved after updating firmware. Where can I find details about this update?

  • Subramanya

    Same problem with me too.. if any solutions, please mail me @ [email protected]

  • Tank

    Elephone considered as low quality phones