Elephone P2000: Bad luck or bad components quality?

Update: The problem has been solved after flashing an updated firmware.

A few days ago I completed a review of the Elephone P2000 and mostly it was working pretty well. Unfortunately, I have to report today that the phone has partially “died”. It was left unused over the weekend, as I received other devices to play with. Today I have booted it up again and was surprised to see it prompting me with the alternative password instead of showing me the fingerprint unlock screen.

Entering the password got me in to the phone, but then things took a turn for the strange. Suddenly, messages started popping up that the phone was running out of memory. I checked that and to my surprise the memory was full. I removed some apps, but that did not help. This is especially strange as I had around 4GB of memory free when I shut it down before the weekend.

Next I went back to check the fingerprint reader settings. Everything was set up properly. I have tried to remove the previous settings and add them again but this unfortunately, did not work. The fingerprint reader does not recognize anything any longer. Even a re-flash of the firmware has not helped at all. So it appears to be a hardware related issue.

Of course I have no idea if this is just bad luck or if all Elephone P2000 models just have the same quality issues. Are you an Elephone P2000 owner? Have you had similar problems? Let us know!

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