Xiaomi Mi3 batch #2 goes on sale on Flipkart at 2pm today

Xiaomi Mi3 batch #2 goes on sale on Flipkart at 2pm today


In usual business, Xiaomi went out of stock of their first India device in the now-ex-flagship Xiaomi Mi3 exactly a week back, on 22nd of July. Many of the Mi3 hopefuls in the country were left dejected after that, but that could soon change.

The device is all set to go on sale tomorrow via Flipkart. After the e-commerce store’s servers faced a crash the last sale day, hopefuls are now being advised to ‘log in 2-3 hours before the sale begins’. Yes, you read it right; that is how much the Flipkart-Xiaomi duo expects the device to be in demand.

Flipkart have managed to be a bit clearer this time regarding who gets to buy the phone; you of course have to be registered (registration for today’s sale has ended), and if any, you’ll be able to buy only one device (unless of course you’re buying from difference IDs).

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If you haven’t registered for today’s sale yet, you can do so for the forthcoming one (date not declared yet). Registrations for the next sale begin 6pm today.

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  • prabu

    10400+ units for todays sale

  • Pikes

    Got sold of within 10 secs ??

  • Boycott

    I think we should stop advertising for Xiaomi anymore…. Here is what happened in today’s sale. Seems some people were paid by Xiaomi to show that they got the device.