UltraFire Cree XML T6 2000 lumen flashlight review!

UltraFire Cree XML T6 2000 lumen flashlight review!


When it comes to Chinese technology, there is a lot more to discover than just Android devices. This is why we want to move “off topic” this time and talk about a Chinese flashlight! To be more exact, it is a flashlight manufactured by UltraFire. This company is a very popular Chinese brand, especially known for its rechargeable lithium batteries, and now durable torches.

We’ve put the UltraFire Cree XML T6 waterproof flashlight through rigorous testing for the past few days and want to tell you more about it in this review full review.

UltraFire Cree XML T6 2000 lumen flashlight – Specs

The UltraFire Cree XML T6 is built around a machined metal alloy body with waterproof seals, making it ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities. As the model number suggests, the flashlight comes with a Cree XML T6 LED, Cree are regarded as one of the best LED makers in the market, so the Ultrafire promises very good performance. The flashlight features a swivel head, that allows you to focus the light beam and it is advertised to be as bright as 2,000 lumen. There are 5 different modes: High, middle, low, stroboscopic and SOS, and you will need two 18650 lithium batteries to get the light glaring.

For your information we bought our hardware at the following online stores:

UltraFire Cree XML T6 2000 lumen flashlight – Design


I ordered the UltraFire Cree XML T6 flashlight from Aliexpress and it was delivered to me by Singapore Airmail,wrapped in just in bubble wrap. There was no packaging or user a manual. That it managed to make the trip to me without damage shows that it is a robust unit.

First impression were rather good. The flashlight is made of a machined alloy, which knurled areas for grip. The metal body means that it is quite heavy at 272g, but also that it is tough and that heat can be quickly dispersed. The only part that isn’t metal is the button for turning it on and setting the modes and obviously the lens.


The overall design does look rather cool and stylish. The top can be pulled up and down to focus the light beam. It also features a small built-in clip to attach it to your trousers or belt.


The part with the on / off switch can be screwed off, and has a single, simple O ring seal. This should keep water out in the rain or a short dip in a stream, but it won’t be enough for prolonged use under water. With the cap off, you can look inside the flashlight where the batteries can be placed.

UltraFire Cree XML T6 2000 lumen flashlight – The Test

Obviously I wanted to see if the flashlight actually had 2,000 lumen on tap so did the first tests in daylight. It was quickly apparent that the output is closer to 400-500 lumens, as it wasn’t nearly as bright as an 800 Lumen LG we had to compare it to. Still, this is not bad at all, and as soon as we headed outside with the flashlight at night, I felt that the power offered was more than enough. High power mode is the way to go! The beam can easily light up an object around 500m away from you. If you focus the beam, with the adjustable head, it can even reach up to 1km – just as advertised. So yes, this flashlight is bright and very usable. We have prepared some demo pictures for you below.

Having just a single button to control the mode means that you have to do a lot of clicking to get the mode you want. Click it on for mode one, then off and on again for mode two and so on. It’s a fiddly way to do things but it also keeps moving parts and openings to a minimum.

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UltraFire Cree XML T6 2000 lumen flashlight – Battery Life

As batteries do not come with the flashlight, battery life will always depend on the cells you put inside. We tested the UltraFire with two protected TrustFire 3,000mAh li-ion cells. These are Chinese cells featuring a real capacity of around 2,600mAh. They very cheap at only 10 bucks for two of them. Please note that it is important to get protected cells, as they tend to become quite dangerous when you over or under charge them. We recommend that you  never go below a voltage of 3.3V for maximum battery longevity. Also get a proper charger. You don’t want to see a 18650 exploding in your house or even worse, your hand!


During our battery benchmark tests, we got the following run times with this flashlight until the above mentioned voltage has been reached:

  • High power mode: 7 hours
  • Medium power mode: 9 hours
  • Low power mode: 15 hours
  • Stroboscopic mode: 11 hours
  • SOS mode: 14.5 hours

UltraFire Cree XML T6 2000 lumen flashlight – Conclusion


As usual, Chinese resellers have either been fed the wrong information or are feeding us the wrong specs. The UltraFire Cree XML T6 flashlight does not have 2,000 lumen, it is around a 1/4 of that power. Still it is a very bright tool that can throw a beam around 1km away! Not bad for something that costs $16. Just keep in mind that you will need at least $35 in additional investments for a proper 18650 charger and 18650 cells in case you do not have all of this already.

For the money the build quality and power output is amazing! What’s great is that a single lens swap can change the throw of the beam and better batteries will increase life and still the UltraFire Cree XML T6 will cost less than a similar big brand flashlight! Overall a great product for a good price!

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  • Thor Jane

    I have something like this for a year and a half. Bought it off ebay and got charger and 2 batteries (25 $). Great thing. When I think that in my country you have to pay at least 30 $ for something of this dimensions and normal light bulb…

    • Nice. Just be careful with unprotected batteries (most lithium batteries that are included in such Chinese products are unprotected) and cheap Chinese chargers. And also beware of fake TrustFire and UltraFire batteries. All of these and especially when combined can be extremely dangerous. If these cells explode they can do a lot of damage, including burning your house. Just search on YouTube for “18650 explosion”.

      • Thor Jane

        I watched few videos now. Most of those guys are idiots who are short -circuiting them or connecting them to car batteries. In my experience nothing bad can happen if you know what you ‘re doing. Charger should never be unattended for to long when working and don’t do anything with batteries that they aren’t supposed to do and everything should be fine.

        • You are right. But the Chinese cells also don’t like overcharging or undercharging. They can explode in this case as well. That’s why a working protection board is important.

  • Jay


    I wonder if we could use Sanyo Eneloop batteries with it’s own charger. Would that go well with this torch? Or do you recommend only TrustFire cells?

    • OZ

      Sanyo Eneloop, I believe is only in AA, AAA size. This Flashlight uses 18750 battery which is much bigger in size and 3.7 Volt . You can buy AAA/AA to 18750 adapter on Ebay. You need 3 AA battery for each 18750 battery.

      • Yep, OZ is right. But I don’t recommend to use AAA / AA adaptors. They won’t last very long.

  • I bought a bicycle light from retail shop in Singapore 300lm for sgd70…
    I saw one ad on taobao, those lights can drop from a medium height building and still work
    I dropped mine few times and no sign of problem

  • 1000lm is brightness of car headlight? 2000lm torch cannot be so small and bty life so long. fake specifications like my mercury x3 handphone. I am going Samsung

  • gsgs

    AA can also be recharged, and are lighter,smaller and can’t explode afaik
    So, why 18650 ? more “capacity” ? are they available in plastic, aufschraubbar
    so to build other devices ? walllamp
    how many lumen per watt

    • Phosphor Dot

      18650 can deliver more current, and for longer. If you use AA in a light like this you will be changing them every ten minutes.

  • SK

    The Ultrafire flashlight is fake. Those “protected” batteries are not protected and have a fake mAh rating. The worst is that there’s a chance that the charger is counterfeit. There’s plenty of them fakes online.

  • LynnieB

    I’ve bought several of various UltraFire LED flashlights from eBay
    (shipped from China or Hong Kong) and listed as 1600-2000 lumens. They
    generally worked well initially, but most have had fatal malfunctions
    within months. I did use the adapter for 3 AAA non-rechargeable
    batteries in most and got more hours of use than I expected. My purpose
    was for lights to be ready to use in emergencies, plus occasional other
    short uses, so the longer storage life with non-rechargeables was more
    important, I have no way of telling whether any or all were

  • wlexxx

    yes a car headlight high beam is about 1200 lumens, this light will not be 2000 or 1000 though…

    60w incandescent is 800 lumens
    it goes in all directions
    a car headlight will be WAY brighter inside its tight beam

    lumens is total light


  • Rudolph

    [CREE XM-L T6] max output is 1040 lumens at 10 W, 3 A

  • bruce bass

    i have a cree xml-t6 it didnt come with any charging instructions how long does it take to fully charge an is it ok to leave on charger for long periods of time after the battery is fully charged

  • David

    Here’s a kick in the pants: these flashlights do not employ genuine Cree leds. These are a Cree ripoff made by LatticeBright. I replaced the led cob in this flashlight with a genuine Cree xml-t6 and the color temp and brightness are might and day difference.