Xiaomi Mi4 Vs OnePlus One

xiaomi mi4 vs oneplus one

The Xiaomi Mi4 is currently the closest we have to a OnePlus One rival, so how do the two phone stack up against each other on paper? Which one would you take home with you?

At the launch of the OnePlus One we were all amazed by the price and the hardware, but also all secretly knew it would only take a matter of time before a worthy rival would arrive on the scene. In fact with the time it has taken for OnePlus phones to start shipping in any serious numbers, a few rivals have come out to play, but could it be Xiaomi who are going to unsettling things once again?

The Xiaomi Mi4 costs the same as the OnePlus One, has similar features but some might argue a slightly better, more premium design! We will have an Mi4 on review very soon, but before we take a look at the phone in the flesh lets look at the specs on paper.

Xiaomi Mi4 Vs OnePlus One

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Advantages: Xiaomi Mi4

From the table above we can see that the Xiaomi Mi4 lacks NFC, but it makes up for it with an IR blaster which will allow you to use the phone as a universal remote. The smaller display makes it more pocketable and the fact that it has the same resolution as the OPO means a high pixel density on the smaller panel.

xiaomi mi4 hands on leaks

We can see that the Mi4 has a slightly smaller 3080mAh battery, however the small display will mean battery life on the Xiaomi should be better than the OnePlus One. The Mi4 also features F1.8 apertures on its cameras for better low light photography and the front camera is 8 mega-pixel.

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Advantages: OnePlus One

The OnePlus One has a larger display which might will be of preference to some users. The fact that OnePlus also allow customers to root their device under warranty is good for anyone planning to do so too. The OPO has NFC, however in our tests we have found that it is only compatible with certain systems.

oneplus one review gizchina

Some might also feel that Cyanogenmod is an advantage over MIUI, but again this comes down to personal preference.

Xiaomi Mi4 vs OnePlus One: Conclusion

Purely going off the specs on paper I would say I would be taking the Xiaomi Mi4 home with me over the OnePlus One for the following reasons. The f1.8 cameras promise better low light photography, the smaller size and stainless steel construction are preferable to me over the plastic body of the OnePlus One. I have found the NFC on the OPO not to work where I actually want to use it (for my gym card) so I won’t miss the lack of NFC, but I will probably use the universal remote feature on a daily basis.

xiaomi mi4

Another factor is accessory costs. We have already seen that a Bamboo OPO cover will cos $49, I don’t think Xiaomi will be selling their accessories anywhere near this price.

xiaomi mi4 launch

Our Xiaomi Mi4 review sample is on the way to us now, so let’s see if I stick to my choice after actually using the flagship Xiaomi side by side with the OnePlus One.

Which of these two amazing phones would you take home and why?


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