$130 LTE Lenovo Golden Warrior A8 to go on sale in China August 11th

China’s Lenovo announced an update to the octa-core budget smartphone, the Golden Warrior S8 about a month back when they launched the Golden Warrior A8. With LTE on board, the A8 sounded like the perfect recipe for a Xiaomi Redmi Note killer.

The octa-core A8 is all set to go on sale in China later this month. It’ll be made available for purchase starting 11th of August, two days from now.

$130 merely got you a working smartphone 2 years back, but the tables have turned in the meantime, and for good. The Golden Warrior A8 is a perfect example; with an octa-core processor and a 5-inch HD screen, the A8 features on-board LTE, which could have played a part in prompting Xiaomi to launch an LTE variant of its popular Redmi Note phablet.

The Golden Warrior A8 will be available for 798 CNY or $130 for the China Mobile version (TD-SCDMA) and 898 CNY or $146 for the China Unicom version (WCDMA, and the one to look out for if you’re from Europe, US, etc).



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