OnePlus kicks off controversial “ladies first” promotion

oneplus one

OnePlus are once again at the center of a controversial campaign to help increase their forum numbers and boost their reach.

First it was the invite system, then it was “Smash the Past”, now the controversy is around a new “Ladies First” promotion being held on the OnePlus forums right now. The thread is asking female fans, and female fans only, of OnePlus to post images of themselves. The 50 most liked images will be rewarded an invite to buy the OnePlus One phone.

Obviously the forums have lit up with complaints that the new promotion is unfair, and sexist. Not that has stopped OnePlus, and nor has it done much to encourage female fans to post their images. Currently only a handful of photos have been posted, some of which are photo shopped, or simple mocking the giveaway.

No matter your feeling about OnePlus, the promotion or the OnePlus One you have to admit that this is an odd route for the company to be taking. Imagine if Apple, Samsung or HTC tried to do this!

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