Meizu MX4 news coming in 1 day!

meizu mx4 date teaser

Meizu have sent out teasers telling expectant fans that important Meizu MX4 news will be announced tomorrow!

If you have still waiting patiently to choose your Chinese flagship phone for this year, then word that Meizu will be announcing something tomorrow is likely going to excite you. So far we have seen flagship phones from all the major Chinese phone brands launch already. The Oppo Find 7, OnePlus One, Lenovo K920, Huawei Honor 6, Xiaomi Mi4, Nubia Z7 etc have all launched and are on sale! Even the next-gen IUNI phone will launch soon, leaving just Meizu!

What and when Meizu will be launching this year is unknown, however we do at least have a date we can look forward to now!

18th August Meizu will be announcing something to their fans, and judging by the large number ‘4’ on the teaser it is likely to be relevent to the Meizu MX4. So far we don’t know if Meizu will actually be launching the MX4 device tomorrow or giving us a launch date, but whatever it is we’ll be sure to post it here first!

[ Meizu Facebook ]
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