Breaking, Meizu MX4 pricing includes import tax and shipping!

meizu mx4 price

Meizu have updated details of the Meizu MX4 pricing which makes the price a little easier to swallow for international customers in certain parts of the world.

In China the Meizu MX4 costs from just 1799 Yuan, where as for international customers the cost is from $449 or 2700 Yuan. Obviously fans around the world were a little put off but the new high price has been explained making it easier to understand.

In a Facebook post this morning Meizu reconfirmed that the Meizu MX4 pricing includes international shipping, but as a surprise they have also announced that import tax is also included to customers in certain parts of the world.

The whole of Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand are the main markets where customers will only have to pay the price of the phone to Meizu, and shipping and tax will be included in the price. Meizu are also asking fans who are not sure if their country is included to contact them ASAP for confirmation.

Other benefits include the peace of mind that you have bought your phone from the manufacturer, and that you will have a full and valid warranty.

What do you think of the Meizu MX4 price now? Acceptable or still too high?

[ Meizu Facebook, Meizumart ]
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