UMi Zero teases its Super AMOLED display


It’s no secret that UMi are preparing to launch a new smartphone named the UMi Zero, but what could have been yet another bland mid-ranger if quickly becoming a rather exciting prospect.

UMi haven’t spilt all the beans for their next phone, but from what the company have let slip we can expect a beautifully crafted device with high quality components and materials. UMi haven’t been to shy with the certain details though, one which they seem mighty proud of is the Super AMOLED display the Zero will be sporting.

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Super AMOLED displays are something we normally find on expensive Samsung smartphones. The display technology is known for offering very bright and vibrant colours, and thanks to the integrated capacitive touchscreen layer, takes up less space, uses less power and reflects less light.

UMi also say that the UMi Zero will have something called a “Superbody”, a thin body made of a new advanced material. Details haven’t been confirmed, but the description sounds close to what Meizu and Apple have said of their new phones.

With a high-end display and high-quality materials we might be looking at a more costly UMi, but would that bother the average customer?

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  1. September 12, 2014

    I can confirm it^^

    • Cpaun
      September 12, 2014

      I had an Umi X2, and indeed it was overpriced compared to other phones. I only was 50% satisfied.

      • Rob
        September 12, 2014

        I have to ask, if it is overpriced compared to other phones, then why buy it??! We all have a choice regarding the phones we buy, we can all check the spec and build quality before making an informed decision. I bought my Kingzone k1 because of its excellent build quality and superior performance, I also looked at buying the X2 but it was dearer and of lower quality/spec. A phone is only worth what someone is willing to pay, if people don’t buy a certain phone because of the high price, the manufacturer will be forced to lower the price to remain competitive.

        • Simon
          September 12, 2014

          How is your Kingzone holding up, i’m interested in the Kingzone N3.

          • Rob
            September 12, 2014

            Holding up well thanks despite a few unfortunate meetings with a concrete floor! Still no regrets buying it, pretty certain the X2 would have been in 100 pieces by now!

            • Paun Cristi
              September 14, 2014

              Hi Rob,
              Sorry, I wasn’t very clear in my response: the Umi X2 wasn’t overpriced compared to other phones of its generation, but rather it wasn’t the quality product I expected. Maybe i was expecting too much for a phone in that price range. Pros: the screen was good, the build quality was ok and the camera was decent. The cons: the screen was not too bright and had some light bleeding, the software updates were scarce, the sound volume needed tweaking. But it was a robust phone (it had a metal bezel around it). I also dropped it on concrete: the side metal bended a little bit, and had a few scratches, but that was all.
              What I meant was that I’m convinced other phones had a better quality / price ratio. Why I bought it: it had good reviews (including Gizchina). It’s also hard to buy phones without testing them first. You have to rely only on reviews and your intuition 🙂

  2. manohar basavaraju
    September 12, 2014

    I don’t trust UMI anymore after they cheated me on X2…… They have poor reputation and high price for average hardware

    • Airyl
      September 12, 2014

      The big problem in India didn’t have anything to do with UMi. It was the reseller there who scammed the people.

  3. Qwerty
    September 12, 2014

    If the display is made by samsung its total crap

  4. Allanitomwesh
    September 13, 2014

    Hmmmn this does sound interesting,however,JiaYu went on the same path with G6 and ended up with a $350 price tag that did not appeal to their usual customer base of $200 give or take. No surprise that the G4S is still going strong. Better stick to what your good at UMi,low price,and build quality can be a bonus.

  5. Miso Hoeny
    September 13, 2014

    any chance of this phone having LTE for US?

  6. Saul
    September 14, 2014

    Very nice design, I like it very much, and very nice screen!

  7. November 6, 2014

    Umi zero is look so good,I lean more about it from But I also like xiaomi4,I prefer to MIUI system. How I shoul do?