MediaTek bets big on IoT, wearable tech; sets up MediaTek Labs

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You’ve certainly heard about MediaTek, the ever rising chip maker from Taiwan. The company has a presence so large in China that people often mistake it to be a native of China, which is certainly something MediaTek doesn’t mind.

MediaTek Labs is an initiative set up by the fabricator in projection of the future – Internet of Things and of course, wearables. It’s an institution that is designed to pool talent and ideas regardless of who it is coming from.

The rise and popularity of development boards, home automation solutions, etc. just goes to show how well the world has adapted to IoT. In fact, contrary to what is usually the case, it is the need for a smarter living that caused the birth of the aforementioned technologies. And, MediaTek doesn’t want to miss out on it. My editor app currently shows a red underline beneath ‘wearables’, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be this way for too long!

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MediaTek powers quite a lot of wearable tech already, but often it is a result of electronics scaled down to fit your arm, and thus, not one for the long-term. The MediaTek Aster chip that launched some months back is one designed for wearable technology, so it is pretty clear that MediaTek has no intentions whatsoever to let go of this emerging, lucrative market.

More info about MediaTek Labs can be found on the official website.

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