This is how OnePlus test the strength of their phones

oneplus one test

With the Apple bendgate fiasco in full swing other manufacturers have been quick to post video showing how durable their own phones are. Here is OnePlus’s video showing how the OPO is tested.

The OnePlus One is a high quality well made phone. Yes it has its issues, but at least you can’t sit on it and bend it (it might explode in your pocket though). To prove just how tough the OnePlus One is, OnePlus have posted this short video of the types of tests their phone goes through to ensure a durable end product.

As you saw, the OnePlus is put through simulations for rain, drops and even gets its own version of a sit test, however I assume most people sitting on their OPO will weight more than the 25kg they are using to test the phone.

It’s an interesting look at how phones are tested, but it would have been more impressive had we actually seen the results of all the tests. The 1 meter tumble test looks particularly brutal and we wonder if the OPO really did survive it.

Do you think these tests really do simulate real world situations, or do you think phones should be put through more substantial tests?

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