MTK6595 phones: 5 phones with the latest Mediatek MT6595 processor

mediatek mt6595

Mediatek’s new octa-core MT6595 processor is a beast, and the component which is going to change the face of affordable flagship phones for the coming year. Here are the first 5 Mediatek MT66595 phones to be released.

The Mediatek MT6595 processor has a lot of first’s to its name. It’s the first Mediatek processor with built-in 4G LTE, it is the first Mediatek SoC to offer 2K screen support and 4K video recording, the first with big.LITTLE architecture and more.

Mediatek MT6595 features

big.LITTLE – The MT6595 processors is made up of 4 x Cortex A17 and 4x A7 that can switch on or off depending on the task that the processor is asked to handle. this big.LITTLE architecture is similar to what Samsung use in their Exynos range and make for a powerful and energy efficient chip.

Network Support –  MT6595 processors will be able to work on GSM, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, TD-LTE and FDD-LTE, aka 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks. Like with all Chinese phones you should check the actual bands of the phone before ordering to double check it will work on your carrier.

Video –  4K video at 30 frames per second plus amazing slow motion is what the most powerful MT6595 gets while the slightly slower MT6595M remains at 1080 video recording at 60fps.

Screen Resolution – The Mediatek MT6595 isn’t able to support a 4K displays just yet, but a 2K panel of 2560 x 1600 is a huge upgrade compared to today’s specifications.

Graphics – GPU’s have been updated from Mali-450 to PowerVR G600 running at up to 600mhz!

Cameras – Camera sensor support is up to 20 mega-pixel on the full MT6595 model while the MT6595M can handle 16 mega-pixel sensors.

While the details of the MT6595 are a huge improvement over previous Mediatek chips, its really the astonishing performance this SoC offers that amazes everyone who has a chance to try a phone using one. So what phones have the MT6595? Here are 5 of the first!

Meizu MX4

meizu MX4 review

Currently the only phone on the list with a Mediatek MT6595 processor that can actually be bought right now. The Meizu MX4 is the latest phone from Meizu, and is officially available both in China and internationally.

The Meizu MX4 has a 5.35-inch display, 2GB RAM, alloy body, 4G LTE and a 20.7 mega-pixel main camera. Performance is incredible for a Mediatek phone, as is battery life and camera performance.

Zopo ZP999

zopo zp999

Zopo intend to go head to head with the MX4 with their latest smartphone. Not only are Zopo going bigger and offering slightly higher specifications in the ZP999, but they also say that their international price will be lower.

While the Meizu MX4 costs $449 outside of China, Zopo claim the ZP999 will be around $399, with 3GB RAM and a 5.5-inch display.

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Zopo should be releasing the Zopo ZP999 before the end of the year, in fact we believe the flagship Zopo will be available to order in time for Christmas.

Mogu M7

mogu m7 rear

Mogu don’t have much of a following outside of China, but on the mainland they have been offering some incredible hardware at equally incredible prices for years.

The Mogu M7 has been announced in China at a cost of only 1399 Yuan ($227), thats half the price of the Meizu MX4, yet it still manages to pack the same octacore MT6595 chipset.

Amazingly the rest of the spec doesn’t suffer from the low retails price either with a screen size of 5.5-inch, resolution of 1920 x 1090 and 2GB RAM. Specs also mention a 8 mega-pixel front and 16 mega-pixel rear camera!

How accurate the details are remains to be seen, and international prices will be much higher, but we can still expect a lower price than both the Zopo and Meizu.

Lenovo Vibe X2


The Vibe X2 is the little brother of the current Lenovo flagship phone. The colourful device has a distinctive orange, gold and silver stripe that runs along the edges with options of either a gold or black rear panel.

This time around we are looking at the Mediatek MT6595M processor, what that means is a slightly slower speed of 2.0Ghz, but that’s still fine for the 5-inch 1080 display, 5 mega-pixel front camera and 13 mega-pixel rear.

Lenovo have also loaded the Vibe X2 with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM and Android 4.4 Kitkat. China price is 2500 Yuan, or roughly $399 USD.

Coolpad Grand 5

coolpad grand 5

Coolpad’s entry in to the list is the Coolpad Grand 5, or at least one of the variants of the phone (according to rumours). Ok so we don’t know for sure if this phone has the MT6595 as most of the details are still hush hush, but what we do know is that it looks like a phone worthy of our attention.

According to sources the Grand 5 will come in a number of different version from model with 3GB RAM and 2K display, to one that may even have a rotating camera. Put these components with a Mediatek MT6595 SoC, and you have the makings of one of the most stacked Mediatek phones ever to go on sale!

Which MT6595 phone would you buy?

So we have 5 confirmed MT6595 phones to choose from, and many many more devices on the way. Of the phones listed here which would be your choice and why?

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