Meanwhile, OnePlus Silver Bullet earphones go on sale and out of stock in a matter of hours!

Remember when we told you about a new set of earphones that OnePlus was prepping sometime back? Yeah, the Silver Bullet buds. The very accessory went on sale today… and out of stock as well!

The Silver Bullet buds are designed, one would assume, to compete against Xiaomi’s insanely popular Piston buds. By the way, we reviewed them only a couple of days back so do give it a read: Xiaomi Piston 2 Review!

OnePlus has, understandably, priced the buds at US$15 to make them cheaper (on paper) in its release markets. But there are other costs involved, including shipping (and customs if you plan to get them overseas).

While OnePlus hasn’t yet commented on how much time it took the Silver Bullet buds to go out of stock, quick look at their Facebook page suggests it took about 2 hours. Not bad!


OnePlus is known to be working on a new phone which they’ll release next year, and the Silver Bullet is their very first pair of add-on earbuds. They look a lot like the ones that ship with OPPO and Vivo phones, but since we’re yet to get our hands on them, we’ll refrain from commenting at the moment.

Would you take a chance with the yet-unproven OnePlus Silver Bullet buds or go with the trusty old Xiaomi Pistons?

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