Black Xiaomi Mi4 launch date is October 28th

xiaomi mi4 black

So far only the white and silver version of he Xiaomi Mi4 has been available to buy, but on all honesty it looks a bit naff in comparison to the sleek black model going on sale at the end of this month.

Xiaomi tend to roll out products in batches that’s the reason why the first lot of Xiaomi Mi4 were only 3G while LTE models are not available, and also why only the white phone was offered so far. It can be annoying to wait, but it ensure Xiaomi can keep it’s costs down.

The black version of the M4 doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but it’s launch has been anticipated as many fans prefer the all black phone over the whilte and silver model.

But there is a catch! The first run of black Xiaomi Mi4 are intended for use on China Mobile networks only, and China Mobile uses the much rarer TD-CDMA and TD-LTE data options. In other words, unless you are in China with a China Mobile SIM you cannot use this first black Xiaomi Mi4.

International fans are going to have to wait for the China Unicom version of the phone to go on sale with WCDMA and FD-LTE support.

The Xiaomi Mi4 has been on sale in China through Xiaomi official channel, but so far markets outside of the mainland have been unable to buy the new phone unless they resort to resellers.

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