Stores in China confirm Oppo N3 motorised camera, 1080 display and price

Stores in China confirm Oppo N3 motorised camera, 1080 display and price

oppo n3 price

Oppo’s physical stores in China have begun pre-orders for the Oppo N3 smartphone and are confirming some of the specs of the new camera centric handset.

In China Oppo have hundreds of physical stores, and just as we saw ahead of the Find 7 launch these stores have already started to accept pre-orders and are confirming the price of the companies new phone.

These hand written signs are typical of what you will find outside official Oppo stores in China and confirm a few details of the phone. Even if you cannot read Chinese you will be able to make out that the display on the N3 is a 5.5-inch FHD 1080 unit and that the rotating camera is a 16 mega-pixel.

The prices is also also mentioned to at an incredible 4928 Yuan! That’s around $700 USD! Double the cost of the IUNI U3, Xiaomi Mi4 and Meizu MX4! Not a cheap phone!

oppo n3 price

As for the rest of the sign well it reads the Oppo N3 is for pre order and the phone is the first in the world to have an electronic moving camera, so those motorised camera pod rumours from earlier today could be true!

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  • chloe pebbles

    Very expensive for a phone that will probably have many problems with a motorised camera, should have done a cheaper version with a static camera!

    • Cuerex

      >that will have..

      have you heard of problems with their OPPO N1 rotating camera to begin with?
      i think their design team is competent enough to ensure endurance with this camera

  • iKosh

    I don’t really get the point of the motorised camera. When the phone is in your hand anyway, is it that hard to rotate the camera with your hand? Also it’s faster to rotate manually.

    • ufg

      for perfect panoramas apparently

      • Adam Irvine

        Ye… Just wait for those bearings to start running dry… Then we’ll see how perfect the panoramas are! lol

        • Tiah Oon Tjoe

          Oppo has yet to disappoint in terms of hardware innovation. We had doubts for the N1 as well or the fast charge for find 7. But it all works very well

  • Oppofan

    Wow motorized camera. Awesome !! This phone will be the focus of attention in any office 😀

  • I really hope they won’t fail this time with the camera as they did on the N1. The quality of pictures simply could not match the competition!

  • Can’t be wrong if this guy’s saying it.

  • Rob

    Way over priced, just like all oppo phones.

    • Cuerex

      compared to samsung or what

      • desponent

        Compared to what you’re seeing on this site.

        • Cuerex

          but for international, it’s probably not that big of a trouble

          • desponent

            What? You could get pretty much everything better for almost half the price including for international.

            Unless people really really need the motorized camera, this will remain a niche phone. Which is why I suspect they priced this so high, they never expect this to sell a lot either.

            • Cuerex

              ok now that the oneplus one is here internationaly, this might be the case

            • balcobomber25

              Not just Oneplus One. Just about every other flagship out of China is available for less than $500 and that includes shipping to an international market. You can even find unlocked versions of the S5, M8, G3 and Moto X for less than $600 in the US. $700 for an OPPO is hilarious.

  • Or you could have just watched the video and seen the motorised camera in action! Duh.
    Salaries are too low, it’s not expensive in this context.

  • elnd23

    I was hoping for a 6 ins

  • balcobomber25

    At the end of the day it is still an OPPO. Horrible built quality, horrible software and even worse customer service.

    • R

      I have an Oppo find 7a and the build quality is good. You’re the first to complain about Oppo’s quality, interesting lol.. The N3 will have an even better quality. I agree that the software needs A LOT of fixing. customer service so far has been not bad. Oppostyle warrantied my device but they still need better customer service processes.

      • balcobomber25

        I had a lot of problems with OPPO customer service. When I first bought the Find 5, everyone I talked to warned me not to get an OPPO that they weren’t good quality. I didn’t listen and bought one anyways. I regretted it after about a week. To make matters worse Oppo blamed me for issues instead of trying to help me fix it. Everything that could went wrong did on that phone. I had to replace the battery 3 times in less than a month.

        • R

          Oh ok. Hmm, I must mention that the customer service I’m talking about was with OppoStyle, not with Oppo directly. It’s really sad when companies don’t treat clients well.

  • Johan Whalley

    Like it, believe it, realise it, or not, every thinker is dual natured with one’s duality being of Prana/Yang/Masculinity/Oxygen/Linearity-Robotism/Futuristic-Projections/Aggression/Stupidity/Egotism on “The Right Side” and Manas/Yin/Femininity/Hydrogen/non-Linearity-Parallelism/ Past-Experiences/Depression/Dumbness/Conditionings on “The Left Side”.

    Human Intelligence, which is NOT intelligence per se, oka Intelligence, is having the ability to Project into The Future. That of analysing, plotting and planning, qualities that non-thinkers like human infants, Animals & Vegetation [obviously] lack, to futuristically project being what is not commonly realised as “Futuristic Thought”, one’s “Past Thought” being the ability to manipulate Past Experiences like not buying another cheepo Ding Dong Merrily on High posturing as some religious artifact like a worshipful “smartfone”, A Simplicity which Eludes being that there is zero Thought without Language.

    Gadgetry, the commoners’ means to High Tech, has only one duty and that is to serialise/robotise the parallely existential human. Sure, the subject matter might be beyond what most commentators in such forums would like, but at least when one is facing Reality one fine day, it was there all along. Afterall, that nutter mentioned it 40-odd years ago whilst “I wuz popping that pimple whilst licking mah smartypants cheepo-skato of a smartfone” – and drooling about that 4298 [2014] yuan religious artifact too.

    As such, when the aim is to robotise, gadgetry like “motorised camera” will be there to afford the illusion-delusion that one’s saviour is upon self – jest like those zombies circlularly-queueing around the blocks awaiting their ability to own their long-deceased saviour. Yes, just imagine, being able to own your saviour, a feat denied to mere religiously abandoned nutters by their most on high Religion of their Religiosity. Amen to them.

    • balcobomber25

      Take off the tinfoil hat and come out of hiding….

  • m d ariful haque awal

    dr sir madam my name is arif from Bangladesh i buy one oppo model 1105 fom yiwu china but this phone i cant use internet in my country bequest all write come chines leagues and only baidu not possible Google play and play store i check also Bangladesh oppo customer care center and not possible use 3g only possible use 2g or 4g but our country now 3g now how to do pls help me about this problem
    many thanks