Leaked: JiaYu S4 specs point at 4.7-inch, 64bit flagship

JiaYu’s range of ’S’ series flagships might be welcoming a small 4.7-inch 64bit device in the coming weeks named the JiaYu S4.

JiaYu have a special place in our hearts for being one of the best manufacturers of Mediatek smartphones in China. They aren’t perfect, they are slow to launch and update for example, but when they design a new phone they know what it takes to push our buttons.

The JiaYu S4 is one such device, and judging by what we know so far it is going to be in a league of its own! at 4.7-inch, the S4 is much smaller than any other flagship phone on the market today and with 2GB RAM and a 64Bit processor, JiaYu haven’t cut any corners.

Final details are to be confirmed but we do know that there will be dual SIM support, LTE and the phone will use one of the new Mediatek 64bit processors (either a quad-core or octacore).

Jiayu also recently posted news of their upcoming JiaYu S3 flagship and entry-level JiaYu F2 smartphones.

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