Huawei take to crashing the Oppo N3 launch date with the Honor 4X announcement

Over the past year Huawei have been launching products at the same time as rivals, this continues with the launch of the Huawei Honor 4X on October 29th, the same date as the Oppo N3 launch.

With just a few days left to maximise anticipation, Huawei released another few teasers earlier today to hint at the specs the Huawei Honor 4X will be bringing to the table. The large number ’64’ surely points at the use of a 64bit processor. The second teaser looks to be pointing at the camera function on the now Honor model.

So what do these teasers actually mean? Well both Qualcomm and Mediatek have 64Bit chips suitable for a mid-range Huawei phone, and then there is also a possibility that the 4X will get a new in house Hisilicon chip. As for the camera we can expect at least a 13 mega-pixel camera, but are Huawei going to bring something really special to the table? Perhaps OIS?

The Huawei Honor 4X should get a 5.5-inch 720p display, 2GB RAM, 8GB memory and room for a Micro SD card, dual sim support and Android 4.4 Kitkat. Mainland Chinese phone customers can expect a low price of around $150!

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