Black version of the Xiaomi Mi4 on sale today, but for China Mobile only

xiaomi mi4 black

Xiaomi launch the black version of their flagship phone in China today, but international fans must wait even longer.

Even if you wanted to import one of the new black Xiaomi Mi4 phones which went on sale today from China, you wouldn’t be in for much look. In an annoying turn of events Xiaomi have only released the China Mobile version of the Mi4 and only available to fans with special ‘F’ codes.

China Mobile uses its own TD data network. TD-SCDMA for 3G and TD-LTE for 4G which is only used in mainland China and partially in HongKong. International Xiaomi fans need phones that work on the more widely used WCDMA and FDD-LTE networks.

The black Xiaomi Mi4 comes in the same specs and memory configurations as previous models and at the same 1999 Yuan starting price.

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