Huawei Honor 4X details released! Supports international networks!

huawei honor 4x

Huawei have jumped the gun and posted details of the Huawei Honor 4X a day earlier than scheduled complete with full specs and pricing.

The biggest news regarding to the Huawei Honor 4X is the fact that the phone will work out of the box on both China Mobile and China Unicom networks and up to 50 international networks around the world! Huawei have gone for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64bit processor clocked at 1.2Ghz, which brings with it support for 2g, 3G, and 4G across GSM, WCDMA, TD-SCDAM, TD-LTE and FDD-LTE networks.

We’re still waiting on confirmation of which bands the phone supports, but we are sure that most European networks will be covered, and hopefully a few of the more popular US carriers.

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Moving on, the Huawei Honor 4X also has a 5.5-inch 720p display, 2GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, room for an SD card, built in 3000mAh battery, 5 mega-pixel front camera and Sony 13 mega-pixel rear with F2.0 aperture.

EMUI 3.0 is installed as standard on the phone which features gesture support. It is not clear if Google services are already included or need to be added by the user.

Pricing is very competitive at only 1299 Yuan ($212) for the off the shelf model, or if you are in China and buy it as part of a data deal only 999 Yuan.

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  1. ufg
    October 28, 2014

    not good enough when the Coolpad F2 supposedly has the same specs except for the higher-end processor for less money

  2. realjjj
    October 28, 2014

    The pricing is not competitive, it would be at 999CNY not 30% more.

    • trolleyfan
      October 28, 2014

      I agree, considering that ZTE V5 Max has exactly the same specs and will be sold for 999.

      • claude
        October 29, 2014

        The v5 dt have 3g 850 frequency..the 4x has all the frequencies…its a very good thing at my opinion

    • Faux-News
      October 28, 2014

      The fact that it supports all networks is the key competitiveness of this honor 4x against the others, but within China ofcourse because the nature of networks there in China.

      Alternatively its still a question mark if these other competing brands will have their phones support outside China. Might take months before they release such.

  3. john
    October 28, 2014

    so it’s Huawei Ascend G7 !!!

    • claude
      October 29, 2014

      U r right, it is very similar to the G7 but 300 euros is not similar to 212$… how is it possible ??

  4. Sere83
    October 28, 2014

    5.5 inches @ 720p *sigh*

    • TheOracle
      October 28, 2014

      Yes. 720p @ 5.5″ is all you need. Anything higher is a battery sucking gimmick. A 2k screen is useless and a 1080p is overkill too.

  5. Evilone
    October 29, 2014

    No matter how good the spec is and how great the price is, huawei software support suck…

  6. petronel
    October 29, 2014

    Dual SIM or not?

  7. eliHd
    October 30, 2014

    why is that most chinese phones apart from maybe xiaomi and oppo have bad camera, mediocre at best. Can someone shades some light on this. Thanks

  8. gita ramadhan andreas perdana
    November 13, 2014

    when the mobile release in global?

  9. Claudia
    November 22, 2014

    $212 ? Why the website price is $290, so big different.