iNew V3 plus comes with 2GB RAM and octacore processor for only $160

iNew made a killing early on this year with the ultra thin iNew V3 smartphone, and now they have breathed new life in to it with a faster processor and more RAM at the same low price.

The iNew V3 was one of the darlings of the start of 2014. The slime 6.5mm smartphone had a great design, lovely display and easy on the wallet price tag too.

To keep the phone relevant in today’s market, now flooded with better spec phones, iNew have revisited the iNew V3 and pimped it out with a faster processor and extra RAM while keeping the retails price roughly the same.

At $169.99 (or $159.99 with the coupon mentioned below), the iNew V3 Plus now has a 1.7ghz octacore MT6595 MT6592 processor, and 2GB RAM with the same 5-inch HD display and 13 mega-pixel rear camera.

Pre-sales of the iNew V3 Plus have already at $169.99, but by using this coupon code: inewv3plus at you can save $10 and get the phone for just $159.99.

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