Huawei Honor 6 officially launched in Europe from £249.99

Huawei have taken their popular Honor range of phones for a trip to Europe where the Honor 6 is now on sale for just £249.99.

Just like the version sold over in China, the EU version of the Huawei Honor 6 gets Huawei’s own octacore Kitin 920 processor which give the device bags of power. RAM is a generous 3GB, and there is 16GB internal memory but room for a micro SD card.

Cat 6 LTE gives the phone access to faster 4G data connections, plus a 3100mAh battery should have you running all day long.

Huawei have gone down the Chinese style of selling the Honor 6 meaning the device is up for sale unlocked and off contract, making the asking price all the more impressive. Both black and white version of the phone are available and you can order the Huawei Honor 6 through Amazon in a few days time.

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