Once Xiaomi invests in Leadcore, LTE Red Mi prices could drop to $65

It has been revealed today that Xiaomi’s Redmi range could get an all new entry-level price once the company invests in SoC maker Leadcore.

Xiaomi are currently in talks with Chinese chip maker Leadcore, for a deal which would see the Beijing based phone maker take a 51% controlling stake in the semiconductor company.

As Qualcomm are one of Xiaomi’s investors it won’t be likely that we see flagship Mi phones equipped with Leadcore Mi chips, but their RedMi range would certainly be getting them.

In a report today it has been suggested that once Leadcore ARM 7 processors are built in to Redmi phones we will see prices drop to the 399 – 599 Yuan price range, with high-end Xiaomi Red Mi phones costing around 799 Yuan.

Current the flagship Leadcore LC1860 chip is believed to be in testing for the Redmi range. This processor was announced in May of this year and boasts support for GSM/TD-SCDMA/TDD-LTE/WCDMA and FDD-LTE, 5 mode, 13 frequency and can be updated to 17 frequency. This would make it a perfect chip for an international Red Mi entry-level Android smartphone!

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