Chery EQ, electric supermini launched in China with hefty subsidies

chery eq electirc car

Chery have taken their all important QQ supermini and given it an electric drivetrain for environmentally conscious Chinese motorists.

The UK had the Mini, Germany the Beetle, Italy the Fiat 500, and China has the Chery QQ. The original Chery QQ was based on the design of the old Daewoo Matiz (Chevy Spark) and became an instant hit with new drivers and motorists on a budget.

Cherry decided to update the design of the QQ recently to a more unique looking supermini with more interior space and while they were at it added the option to go green with an all electric drivetrain.

The little electric motor pushes out the equivalent of 57hp and is good for a 200km trip with a top speed of 100kmh. Charing takes around 10 hours through a domestic plug so ensure you have one in your parking space before you decide to pick up the little Chery EQ.

For an Electric car the Chery EQ is a very affordable vehicle. The retail price is 150,000 Yuan ($24,000), but obviously this is too much for most small car buyers in China, so the Chinese government are offering subsidies on Electric cars bring the EQ price down to a very affordable 59,800 Yuan ($9,700).

Chery EQ

Chery cars have also made their way to other countries around the globe especially in Asia, but don’t be surprised to see an EQ on your streets in the future.

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