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electric car

Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle startup, is installing ultra fast charging terminals in China. These terminals can recharge an electric car in just 12 minutes. …

xiaomi electric car

In March last year, it became known that Xiaomi would enter the electric car market. This was announced by the head and founder of the …

Oppo car

BBK Electronics’ brands Oppo, Realme and OnePlus are rumored to have been working on their own electric vehicles for a long time – the companies …

In May of this year, Xiaomi announced that it is entering the automotive industry. The company is serious about setting up the production of electric …

Xiaomi logo

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, best known for its popular smartphones, has officially registered a company that will produce electric vehicles. According to the founders, …


Last month, the Chinese giant Huawei Technologies had to come out with a denial of rumors about its intention to produce cars on its own. …

China is building EV factories almost as fast as the rest of the world put together. Chinese manufacturers are leveraging billions of dollars from foreign …

Oppo car

After Xiaomi and Huawei, Oppo also wants to get a foot in the automotive field. According to new reports, we learned from relevant channels that …

Huawei electric car

Chinese sources say tech giant Huawei is working on a new product that will be priced at around $ 45,000. Apparently, this product may be …

According to a Chinese source, citing investors close to the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun and others; the company is rapidly deploying a project to …

zotye driverless suv

Zotye, a smaller Chinese car maker specialising in budget cars, has released plans to launch a driverless SUV later this year.

thunder power ev

Taiwanese automakers are looking to move in on the Tesla Model S turf with the sporty looking Thunder Power EV and all its 430 horses!

letv supercar

Xiaomi are rumoured to be working on an electric car, but it is LeTV who have confirmed they are going ahead with an Electric Vehicle and have already made major hires.

Zotye T700 Porsche Macan Clone

Porsche SUV’s are either a love or hate design, but it is neither here nor there at their high pricing, unless of course you are in China where you can pick of the Zotye T700 for under $30,000.

Geely CarPlay SUV

Geely have announced today that they are working with Apple to roll out Apple CarPlay across their upcoming fleet of vehicles.

youxia x

News of a new start-up now, but this company is producing a new electric super car in China and hopes to take on the Model S with their Tesla inspired Youxia X.

zotye s21

Thought it was just the phone industry which suffered clones? Well feast your eyes on the Zotye S21, an Audi Q3 wannabe at a fraction of the price.

xiaomi mistla car

Secret meeting with Tesla bosses and Xiaomi’s continued drive (get it) to enter new markets have lead analysts to believe the Beijing tech company could launch their own car in China.

landwind x7

Chinese car maker Land Wind are set to launch their Land Wind X7 in China shortly much to the anger of Jaguar Land Rover bosses who say the car is a clone of the Evoque!

chery eq electirc car

Chery have taken their all important QQ supermini and given it an electric drivetrain for environmentally conscious Chinese motorists.