Zotye T700 is a 177hp Porsche Macan wannabe for just $27,000

Zotye T700 Porsche Macan Clone

Porsche SUV’s are either a love or hate design, but it is neither here nor there at their high pricing, unless of course you are in China where you can pick of the Zotye T700 for under $30,000.

Zhejiang based car maker Zotye are back with yet another clone, this time going even further up market with a knock off of the Porsche Macan SUV. Zotye have tried to make their T700 model look a little different form the luxury Geman motor. There are changes to the headlights and the wheels are different, but there is no hiding where the majority of the design came from.

Either a 2L or 1.5L Turbo engine will power the Zotye T700, so you won’t be looking at Porsche performance, but with that said you also won’t be looking at Porsche pricing either. The Macan goes for around $88.000 while the Chinese clone costs only $27,000.

Zotye also make a Audi Q3 clone that was recently unveiled, and also the Zotye T700 which mimics the design of a VW Tiguan!

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