Zotye S21 Audi Q3 clone shown off at Chengdu Auto Show

zotye s21

Thought it was just the phone industry which suffered clones? Well feast your eyes on the Zotye S21, an Audi Q3 wannabe at a fraction of the price.

Taking the overall look of the Audi Q3 and mixing it up with a VW front end, the Zotye S21 promises be be yet another entry-level small family car for the Chinese market with luxury looks.

Zotye s21 pulled the covers of the S21 officially at the Chengdu Auto Show where it was revealed the car will come with LED daytime running lights up front, a 1.5T (turbocharged) engine, and an option of either a 5 speed manual or CVT transmission.

In the past Zotye were known for producing low-cost Daihatsu mini jeeps and then one of the cheapest cars on the planet (which itself looked like a Suzuki).

zotye s21

Pricing for the Zotye S21 SUV hasn’t been announced but we guesstimate pricing will start at around 70,000 Yuan ($11,000) for the base model rising in to the low 100k for the top end spec shown here.

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