430hp Thunder Power EV has an impressive 373 mile range

thunder power ev

Taiwanese automakers are looking to move in on the Tesla Model S turf with the sporty looking Thunder Power EV and all its 430 horses!

When looking at the image of this electric supercar you have to think what it would have looked like if the designers were only as good as the marketing department. Is ‘Thunder Power’ really the best the could have come up with?

Crappy name and stunning looks aside, the Thunder Power EV has some impressive credentials. Dr. Peter Tutzer is the man behind the dynamic looks of the car. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, lets just say he is the same chap who worked at Lotus and Bugatti.

The striking looks aren’t just for show either. The car has a claimed 430hp with a 0-62mph speed of under 5 seconds and top speed of 155mph! Although a fast car the Thunder Power also boasts a remarkable range of 373 miles, that’s almost 100 miles more than the comparable Tesla!

If you are planning on picking a Thunder Power EV up though you are going to have to start picking those lottery numbers. The Chinese Mainland price is going to be around 400,000 Yuan ($62,000), while an EU price will be announced closer to its 2017 launch date.

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