Xiaomi “Mistla” supermini car in development, could cost $6400!

xiaomi mistla car

Secret meetings with Tesla bosses and Xiaomi’s continued drive (get it) to enter new markets have led analysts to believe the Beijing tech company could launch their own car in China.

For anyone who has visited China, you will have seen just how much the Chinese love their cars. The love of the car is driven by low-cost local brands, government subsidies, and astronomical real-estate costs (if you can’t buy a house may as well have a car!).

Over the past 12 months there have been rumours on and off about the chance of a Xiaomi car. The rumours began after Tesla bosses and cars were sighted outside the Xiaomi offices in Beijing, leading fans to believe either Xiaomi were hoping to buy the car mark or produce their own cars.

Chinese news reports today state that Xiaomi are now in fact working with an existing Chinese auto maker to produce their own A0 class car codenamed the “Mistla”. A0 class cars are what we call Super Minis, so expect something small and cute that seats up to 4 like the Toyota Aygo (featured above with a Xiaomi logo).

Obviously the car is meant to come with a built-in Android entertainment system with MIUI, and in true Xiaomi tradition come at an attractive price! 39,999 Yuan is the suggest cost of the car once on the market (around $6400), not the cheapest Chinese car on the roads, but possibly one of the coolest.

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